Bone meal 4-10-0

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4-10-0 OS MOULU 10kg4-10-0 1,5 Kg4-10-0 10kg

Product Description

Bone meal 4-10-0

Numix Bone Meal is natural, sterile and ecological. It is use to promote root growth in new plants. As an organic source of phosphorus and calcium, this all purpose, slow-release fertilizer stimulates the production of young roots

  • It also helps the naturalization of bulbs and is ideal for flower beds, vegetables, rose bushes, shrubs, trees and lawns.

Additional Information

Application rate for bulbs

Fall planting: Add 15 ml (1 table spoon) per bulb in the planting hole. Mix into the soil, add the bulb, cover with soil and water thoroughly.

Application rate for annuals, perennials and vegetables

New plants: Add 125 to 250 ml (½ to 1 cup) in the planting hole, mix into the soil before planting.

Application rate for roses, shrubs and trees

Established roses, shrubs and trees: Add 125 ml (½ cup) around the plants and gently mix into the soil.

Application rate for lawns

New lawns: Apply 1kg / 10 m² (2.2 lbs / 100 pi²) with a fertilizer spreader. Mix into the soil and seed the lawn. Established lawns : Apply 1 kg / 15 m² ( 2.2lbs / 162 pi²) with a fertilizer spreader. Use a fertilizer with extra nitrogen to meet all fertilizing needs.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 4,0% Available phosphoric acid (P205) 10,0% Total phosphoric acid (P205) 10,0% Total potash (K20) 0,0% Calcium (Ca) 25,0% Fineness (before granulation): passes 10 mesh Tyler screen 10 98% Fineness (before granulation) : Passes 100 mesh Tyler screen 100 40%

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