Cedar, hedge and evergreen fertilizer 30-10-10

30-10-10 500g découpé
30-10-10 2KG découpé

Product Description

Cedar, hedge and evergreen fertilizer.

Cedar, hedge and evergreen soluble fertilizer is formulated to provide good nutrition for all of yours cedars, ervergreen and hedges..

  • With trace-elements.

Additional Information

Directions for use

When feeding with a watering can, mix 10 g (2 tsp) per 2 L (½ gal.) Apply to the base of the plant every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season. Feeds 2 plants.

Directions for use

When using a sprayer, use 20 g (4 tsp.) per 4.5 L (1 gal.) of water. Refer to your sprayer’s instructions for nozzle setting etc. Spray onto foliage every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season. 4.5 L (1 gal.) of fertilizer solution feeds 2 m of hedge.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total nitrogen (N) 30,0% Available phosphoric Acid (P205) 10,0% Water Soluble potash (K2O) 10,0% Iron (Fe) (actual) (chelated) 0,10% Zinc (Zn) (actual) (chelated) 0,05% Manganese (Mn) (actual) (chelated) 0,05% Copper (Cu) (actual) (chelated) 0,05% EDTA Chelating Agent 1,24% (ethylene diamine tetra acetate) Boron (B) (actual) 0,02% Molybdenum (Mo) (actual) 0,0005%


This fertilizer should be used as part of a complete fertilization program based on the fertility of the soil.

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