Dolomitic Limestone

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Product Description

Dolomitic limestone

Contains 10% magnesium (Mg) and 20% calcium(Ca).

Acidic soil washes fertilizer because major plant food elements are most available in neutral soil (pH of 6.0-7.0). The regular application of Green Generation dolomitic lime reduces soil acidity which makes fertilizer more available to plants and grass, also promotes growth or beneficial soil bacteria. Green Generation dolomitic lime contains magnesium which helps grass to develop a lush green color. It is safe to handle and it is safe to spread any time of the year.

Additional Information

Application rate

In the absence of a soil test a standard application rate of 40-80 kg of Green Generation dolomitic limestone per 100 square meter çan be applied. In neutralsoil an annual application of 5kg per 100 square meter will help maintain the soil neutrality. To obtain the most accurate application rate, obtain a soil test from a reliable laboratory.

Application rate for lawn

Dont apply more than 5kg every 100 square meter.

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