Perrenials, annuals and roses fertilizer


Product Description

Perennials, annuals and roses 5-10-5 fertilizer.

Specially formulated Nuway flowering plant fertilizer is ideal for stimulating optimal growth in flowering plants, such as begonias, lilacs, daylilies, rose bushes, etc.



Additional Information

Application rates for perrenials

In early spring, incorporate 1.8 kg / 10 m² (4 lbs / 100 ft²) of fertilizer into the soil. Repeat towards the middle of the summer.

Application rate for annuals

Pour 5 g (1 tsp) of fertilizer into each planting hole, cover with 2.5 cm (1 in.) of Nuway transplanting mix and insert plant. Fill in with soil and water thoroughly. Continue fertilizing throughout the season, alternating with 15-30-15 soluble fertilizer according to the instructions on the labels.

Application rate for established roses

In spring, before flowering season, incorporate into soil 300 g (2/3 lb) of fertilizer per plant.

Application rate threes and shrubs

In early spring , incorporate into soil 150 g (5 oz) per meter (yard) of plant height.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total nitrogen (N) 5.0%, Available phosphoric acide (P205) 10.0%, Water soluble potash (K2O) 5.0%.


This fertilizer should be used as part of a complete fertilization program based on fertility of soil.

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