Plant starter fertilizer 11-20-11


Product Description

Plant starter fertilizer 11-20-11

Plant starter fertilizer for everything you grow; lawn, tree, shrub, evergreen, prennials, annuals, roses. Phosphorous plus.

Green generation plant starter fertilizer 11-20-11 is especially formulated to give new and transplanted plants the right nutrients for a good start. The high phosphorous content stimulates early growth, fastens plant maturity and promotes good blooms.

Additional Information

Application rate for seeding or sodding lawns

Apply at a rate of 2kg/20m² (4lb/200ft²) and work into the soil to depth of 10cm (4 in).

Application rate for planting garden and flower beds

Apply 2kg/20m² (4lb/200pi²) and work well into the soil.

Application rate for group planting or borders

In early spring, apply 1kg for every 30m² (2lb/100pi²) of border. Work Green generation plant starter fertilizer 11-20-11 lightly into the soil without disturbing the roots. Water. Apply Green generation tree & shrub fertilizer 15-5-15 every 6 weeks.

Application rate for planting trees, shrubs and evergreens

Mix 125 g (4 oz) per plant into the soil mound at the bottom of the planting hole. For trees over 2 meters (6 ft) in height, use double rate. Cover mixture with 5 cm (2 inches) of soil. Spread out roots over the soil mound. Fill remainder of hole with soil land pack firmly. Water well.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 11,0% Available phosphoric acid (P205) 20,0% Water soluble potash (K20) 11,0% Water soluble Magnesium (Mg) 1,0% Water soluble Sulphur (S) 2,0%

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