Soil acidifier


Product Description

Soil acidifier


The Nuway Soil Acidifier decreases the soil’s pH level to stimulate the growth of certain plants. Prior to using this product, it is important to perform a soil pH level test. Made with 90% elemental sulphur, which is a plant nutriment essential to growth and protein production, this acidifier stimulates seed formation, increases plant growth vigor and helps nitrogen absorption.

Additional Information

Application for large areas

Require sulphur to lower the pH to 7,0 ; Apply 2 kg (4lb)/40m2 (400pi2)

Application for single plants

Apply 100 g (3 1/2 oz) around the plant and work well into the soil. Repeat 3 to 4 weeks later if necessary.

Recommendation and trick

The addition of wood ashes to garden soil is very beneficial as a source of calcium and potassium; however, their prolonged use could lead to an alkaline condition. To counteract this tendency, mix, Nuway soil acidifier into the ashes blending one part sulphur to t’en parts wood ash.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

90% Sulphur (S)

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