Summer lawn fertilizer


Product Description

Nuway summer lawn fertilizer 10-2-4

Nitrogen: 25% Slow release.

Nuway summer fertilizer increase lawn density for thicker and greener grass. It provides 25% slow release nitrogen for long-lasting fertilization.

Additional Information

Application rate

Apply as soon as the final snow has melted and repeat application early august. Afterward use Nuway fall 8-4-14 lawn fertilizer in early september. Apply Nuway summer fertilizer at a rate of 2,25kg / 100m² (5.0 lbs/1000ft²).

Application method

To ensure uniform lawn color, it’s best to apply this fertilizer using a rotary spreader; follow instructions concerning its use. Never fill the spreader on the lawn. Sweep up any spills and water well to reduce the risk of burning the lawn. When stopping or turning, shut off the spreader. Avoid applying to sidewalks, patio and paths. Sweep up fertilizer that falls on concrete or asphalt.

Application tips

For a uniform application, spread half in one direction and half at right angles. To activate summer 10-2-4 summer lawn fertilizer formula and accelerate the release of nutriments, water well immediatly after application, or apply before rain. This fertilizer is part of a complete lawn fertilizer program.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 10,0% 3% nitrogen from polymer coated urea. Available phosphoric acid (P205) 2,0% Water Soluble Potash (K20) 4,0%, Organic matter 15,0%

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