Triple Action Formula

DeglacantTriple Action 18,2kg

Product Description

Ice Melter «Triple action formula»

Effective up to -33°C.

Dissolves ice quickly from steps, paths and driveways. Provide instant protection against slips and falls. Ideal product to remove ice from roofs. Low impact on the environment compare to other products.

Additional Information

Before using this product

Before using this product, ensure that all surfaces where this product will be applied are properly maintained. Concrete should contains 7 to 8% of entrained air with sufficient resistance to compression.


Spread 500g of this product over a surface of 10m2 (or 1lb/100ft2) Do not exceed 1 kg/10m2 (or 2lb/100ft2). Quickly shovel up the slush and the product to avoid potential damages to any paved surfaces such as asphalte, concrete and cement due to increased freeze thaw cycles.

Effective at 3 levels of temperature

-10C Urea / -13C Potassium Chloride / -33C Magnesium Chloride / Antiskid Calcium Carbonate.

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