Numix fall lawn fertilizer

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Product Description

Numix Fall lawn fertilizer 9-0-16

      • Better resistance to winter stress

      • Accelerates spring revival and growth

      • With magnesium (mg), an élément essential to plant growth and photosynthesis

Additional Information

Application methode

Apply 3 to 4.5 kg / 100 square meter (1 to 10 Ilb / 1000 sq ft. Apply with a fertilizer spreader, the rotary type is recommended. Do not apply by spreading the fertilizer by hand. We recommend that you repeat the application process twice, but only apply half of the recommended quantity each time. First walk up and down the lawn, then back and forth across the lawn. This application technique allows for even coverage and avoids misses and overlaps. Close the spreader when filling and before turning corner or stopping to prevent burning due to excessive application. Hose out spreader after use and sweep up any spills. Irrigate with 2 cm (1 in.) of water immediately following application. This fertilizer is part of a complete lawn fertilizer program.

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 8,0%, Available phosphoric acid (P205) 4,0% Water Soluble Potash (K20) 14,0%.

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